Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Faqs

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How much does it cost to hire a Texas public adjuster in Tyler?
No matter where you live in Texas, Tyler included, public adjusters are bound by Texas law in terms of how much they can charge. If your public adjuster successfully negotiates a settlement with your insurance company, the adjuster is paid no more than 10 percent of the total settlement. This fee comes directly out of the settlement and is never paid in advance. If the adjuster does not succeed and a settlement does not result, the adjuster is not paid.

Is a Texas public adjuster an insurance company employee?
No. In fact, that’s what sets public adjusters apart from insurance adjusters. Public adjusters work with individual policyholders, not for insurance companies.

Can I buy an insurance policy from you?
No. We are not insurance agents. We do not sell insurance policies.

If I want to save money, shouldn’t I just fill out the forms by myself?
Some insurance claims are straightforward enough for the average homeowner to handle on his own. Others are far more complex. If you want to tackle a complex claim on your own, it’s certainly your prerogative to do so. If you’d rather have a pro on your side, uncovering all of the damage and losses, then contact us for a free consultation.

Are public adjusters certified or licensed in some way?
Yes. In Texas, public adjusters must pass a licensing exam and meet specific criteria mandated by the Texas Department of Insurance. A $10,000 public insurance adjusters bond must also be posted and continuing education is mandated.

How can public adjusters make the insurance claims process easier?
A Texas public adjuster can be invaluable during the claims process. Not only does the adjuster take over everything including filing mountains of paperwork, the adjuster also digs deep, looking for every possible claim you can make. This frees you from the hassles of filing insurance claims. Rather than suffering through the stress of an unfamiliar process with huge financial ramifications, you can go about your business with the peace of mind of knowing that you have an insurance professional on your side.