Texas Public Insurance Adjusters Services

Lorinda Dee Mikesell
P O Box 1148
Tyler, TX 75410
Telephone: (903) 593-5554
Tx Public Adjuster License # 1459052


If you’re looking for a Texas public adjuster in Tyler and nearby Smith County communities, you’ve come to the right place. We serve the general public, offering comprehensive insurance adjusting services designed to maximize your final insurance settlement offer. In other words, we work for you, helping you get what you deserve from the insurance company.

Our service is comprehensive and includes:
• Insurance policy review – the success of your insurance claim originates with an understanding of your insurance policy and its terms and conditions. What does your insurance policy cover? What doesn’t it cover? What terms are open to interpretation? What terms might the insurance company be willing to waive? A Texas public adjuster understands the insurance industry and will evaluate your insurance policy to make sure that everything that you are entitled to under it, and possibly more, is considered and fought for.

• Thorough property assessment – once the public adjuster understands your policy and its limits, a thorough property assessment takes place. Every inch is examined for signs of damage. All damaged or lost belongings are inventoried as well.

• Extensive documentation – during the assessment, the Texas public adjuster takes extensive notes, draws detailed diagrams, and snaps dozens of digital photos. All of this documentation is used to support the adjuster’s final report and prove that you have suffered these losses.

• Insurance claims paperwork – insurance claims paperwork may seem like an endless mountain with more papers and forms arriving each day. Texas public adjusters are familiar with the requirements, know which forms to ignore and which ones to fill out. Because this is routine work for a public adjuster, delays due to missing information, misinformation, and other issues common with first-time filers are avoided.

• Complete inventories – all of your damaged or missing belongings and furnishings are completely inventoried using state-of-the-art inventory and estimating software. Nothing is left out. A Texas public adjuster works through your home room-by-room, inventorying your losses.

• Accurate estimates – Using estimating software and local rebuilding cost knowledge, a Tyler public adjuster creates accurate estimates for all of your losses. Accuracy is crucial, especially if you don’t want your insurance settlement check to run out before you’ve rebuilt.

• Comprehensive insurance claim package – Using the assessments, documentation, estimates, and insurance knowledge, the Texas public adjuster prepares a comprehensive insurance claim package and presents it to your insurance company on your behalf. Everything that’s needed to support your claim is included.

• Insurance negotiation – If there’s a dispute between what the insurance company believes and the public adjuster’s findings, the public adjuster speaks directly with the insurance company representative, supporting the findings and negotiating when necessary.

We provide public adjusting services to home and business owners suffering from catastrophic insurance losses including, but not limited to:
• House fires
• Wildfires
• Smoke damage
• Flooding
• Water damage
• Severe weather events (hurricanes, tornados, high winds, hail storms, lightning strikes, and so on)
• Explosions
• Building collapses
• Earth movements
• Mud flows
• Theft
• Vandalism

We serve Tyler, Texas and Smith County communities.